3. My main books

(1) "Invisible Ecological Space - Introduction to the cybernetic Architecture"
     Shoukokusha published this book in 1979.
1. Riddle of modern architecture
2. Human body and its extensions
3. Architecture in feelings
4. Stressed space
5. Invisible environment in our life
6. Our environment and entropy
7. Cybernetic architecture-controlled system in building

(2) "Folklore in the Architecture and Cities-Folk customs in Japan"
     Shoukokusha published this book in 1992.
  Preface-Triangle flies
1. Up-down and Right-left.
2. East and West
3. South and North
4. Four Gods save the City
5. Northeast and Southwest
6. Northwest and Southeast
7. Center of building and Worship for pillars
8. Gods of architecture and ancient Carpenters in Japan
9. Ancient Carpenters from overseas
10. Physiognomy of house -History in Japan
11. Existing world of afterlife in Architecture-Thought about Japanese Gardens

(3) "Quality System and Cost Down of Construction Industry
       -Construction Management by International Standard"

     Shoukokusha published this book in 1996.
Part 1.Environmental Change and New Trend of Construction Management
  1. Japanese Economy and Construction Management
  2. Managerial Conditions in the Construction Industry
Part 2. System of Quality in the Construction Industry.
  1. Quality Assurance and New Trend in the Construction Industry
  2. Quality System of the Construction Industry by the International   Standard
  3. Audits and Registration of the Quality System
Part3. Cost down in Construction Industry by the International Standards
  1. Assessment and Analysis of the Construction Cost
  2. Cost Management
  3. Budget and Result
  4. Practical Methods of Cost Down
  5. Cost-Down in Divisions.

(4) "ISO Management System for the Construction Industry
       -Managerial Strategies in the 21st century "

     Shoukokusha published this book in 2000,
1. Japanese Construction Industry in the "Heisei" age
2. Development of Quality System in the Construction Industry
3. New Management System by the International Standard
  (1) Ecological Management System
  (2) Project Management System
  (3) Crisis Management System
  (4) Labor Safety Management System
  (5)Financial Management System

(5) "History of Construction Industry in Japan"
     This book was published by Maki-shoten in 1993
  1. Preface
2. Before the Modern Construction Industry
3. Establishment of the Modern Construction Industry in Japan
4. Formation of Civil Engineering Contractors
5. Formation of Country-wide Market of Civil Engineering
6. "Great Depression" and Construction Industry in wartime
7. Establishment of Contemporary Construction Industry
8. High Growth Period of Construction Business
9. Depression in the Construction Business

(6) "The World of afterlife in Japan-Historical Research "
     This book is unpublished.
1. In what way, did ancient Japanese go to Heaven?
2. The afterlife world for Japanese
3. The religious custom of afterlife in Japan
4. Rites for afterlife
5. Research of the afterlife in Japan
6. Research of Japanese soul

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