3. Articles on the economy and politics at my web-site

(1) Japanese Economy
1. ong-range Business Cycles in Japan( 1890-1995)
2. Road to "Happy Nation" in Japan.
3. Bankrupts of Japanese National Economy.
4. Beginning of Bankrupts in the Japanese National Economy.
5. Bad debts left by "Bubble Economy".
6. National Debt in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05.
7. Is the National Debt good or bad?

(2) US Economy
1. Beginning of speculative Market without Money Standard.
2. Breton-woods Regime by Dollar Standard.
3. Dollar Crisis by the Increase of Military Expenditure.
4. Expended Exchange of Dollar to Gold by President Nixon.
5. Beginning of "Reaganomics".
6. Results of "Reaganomics" -Increase of "twin Deficits".
7. "Plaza Agreement" and new Policy of trade and commerce by Reagan.
8. Swollen Japanese Economy and its Effects.
9. Economic Conflicts between Japan and USA.
10. Economic Relations between Japan and USA in the 1980s.
11. Clinton Age -"Change" of US Economy.
12. Future of US Economy.

(3) European Economy
1. What is the European Union ?
2. Start of the European Monetary System.
3. The European Union in the 1980s.
4. The European Union in the 1990s -The Treaty of EU.
5. The Crisis of European Currency -1992-93.
6. After the Crisis of European Currency.

(4) Chinese Economy and Politics.
1. Preface -Economy and Politics of China.
2. Establishment of the People's Republic of China
3. Chinese "Democracy".
4. People's Commune and Great Progress by Mao Tse-tung.
5. "Rozan Conference" -On July of 1959.
6. The Great Cultural Revolution.
7. The Change to the realistic Line.
8. The Great Change by "Tou-Shou-Hei".
9. Drastic Reforms since the 1980s.
10. Financial and monetary Reforms in China.

(5) Russian Economy and Politics.
1. Beginning of Gorbachov's "Perestroika".
2. The 1st Stage of "Perestroika" -Speed Up of social economic Development.
3. The 2nd Stage of "Perestroika" -Free Access to Information and
4. Change and Confusion of "Perestroika".
5. Independence of the Russian Federation and weak USSR.
6. World-shaking Coup d'etat in August of 1991 and End of USSR.
7. The End of USSR and the Establishment of CIS.
8. Rifting Super Power "Russia".

(6) America-Iraq War -Future of the Middle East.
1. Broken Cogwheel of History -After 9.11 in 2001
2. America and the Petroleum of the Middle East.
3. Peace of the Middle East -Israel and Palestine.
4. America and the Iraq War.@

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