1. Araki-Labo(Laboratory).

Thank you very much for your visit to my website.

In the spring of 2001, my website was made for the purpose to assist many firms to acquire the certification of the international industrial quality standard..
But, in October of the same year, I was taken a cerebral infarction suddenly, and then I became to be unable to continue my works as a business consultant.

At the spring of 2002, I created this new website in the hope that more people and firms will be interested in the document on the recent economy and political affairs of Japan and some other countries in the world.

After a year, I would like to create the English summery of my new website and my books. It owes to the advice of my niece Yoshiko Araki living in USA.

If you will have an interest in any contents of this website, I hope you make contact with me. In many demands, I would like to present the items in English recently.

E-mail: info@araki-labo.jp

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